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  • Sunday, 25 August 2019

    Man on the Menu by Beuen / OtokoKui - DeviantArt


    Chef Alan ripped off the guys tank top,
     exposing his muscled abs.
    “The guy sure looked after himself.”
    There was a large bundle in his jogging shorts.
    Chef Alan grabbed the unconscious guy’s crotch and gauged the thickness of the guys cock and balls.
     “Heavy package he has there,” he commented.
     “Let’s look to see what he’s got.”
    He undid the draw string of the guy’s shorts and pulled them down.
     “Jock straps, wow, let’s get those off too.”
    He pulled off the guy’s jock strap, r
    evealing a thick and heavy set of cock and balls.
    The guy was uncut with a nicely filled ball sac.
     He had a nice thick cock too, said Pete.
    A light coating of golden pubes framed his cock and balls.
     “Wow feast for a king” Chef Alan commented.
    “That’s one of the nicest cocks I’ve seen for a while.”
    “WTF… where am I.”
    Chef Alan wrapped a blind-fold around the guy.
    “Let’s hoist him up.” The guy started yelling.
    “Uh oh, better gag him too.”
    He got the ball gag and iserted it into the guys mouth. “Mmmmffft.”
    He looked down at his struggling lean muscled victim.
     “Hoist his legs up…”
    Pete draped the rope over the wooden beam
    and pretty soon had their naked victim hanging upside down,
     his hands tied behind his back.
     Pete and Chef Alan gazed admiringly at their prize.
     Cock and balls dangling helplessly as the body swung back and forth.
     “Lets’ have a taste” He grabbed the guys cock
    and pulled it towards his mouth and sucked on the young guys cock head,
    pulling back the foreskin exposing the glans.
    “That looks so nice and shiny." He licked the cock head,
     savoring the flavour, “mmm yeah that’s really good.”
    Twisting the cock around towards Pete he offered the cock head to Pete to suck on.
     Pete had a taste wrapping his lips around their victims cock......"

    Hot Dudes A Hot Dude To Enjoy Every Day - BlogSpot

    Japanese guy tied up, suck, toyed - Ogren97 GayForIt

    Gittin' It All by KeithD - LitErotica

     It was almost like the young blond hadn't put up any resistance
     at all before he was manhandled into the van and trussed up in the windowless back.
    After quickly tying Dale's ankles together and then his knees
     and struggling with Dale a bit to get a ball gag in his mouth and tied off,
     the wrestling coach called up to the driver's seat and said,
     "Give me an hour at least with him before arriving.
     He'll be docile as a lamb when we get there.
    I'll fuck all the fight out of him."
    Gillespie pulled the young blond's shorts and briefs down to his ankles,
     crouched his muscular body over that of the slight twink's,
     reached around and fisted Dale's balls in one hand and gave them a little squeeze while growling in his ear.
     "Stop the fuckin' noise or I'll crush your balls."

    House Visit - Atsym1822 GayForIt

    Football Socks & Sportswear, And Cute Guys


    THE SHERIFF by RC / HungryBear2 - DeviantArt

    "......Sheriff Roy looked in the rearview mirror at the two shirtless,
     handcuffed boys in the back seat of his squad car ...
    "Hey," said Aaron, from the back seat of the squad car, "this ain't the way to the jail."
    "You're right," said Sheriff Roy, "
    Sheriff Roy pulled his squad car into his garage and pressed the remote button to close the door.
     As the door closed, he grabbed another remote and pressed a button on it.
     The tool storage wall slowly slid to the right, revealing a steel door......"

    Beast Naughty Workplace White Paper 7 - CrazyHunk GayForIt

    #selfie - The Last Boys Photobook - Pinterest

    Ringen int. Brandenburg-Cup 2014 B-Jugend (Gr./Rö.) - 63kg Nord - HDVT 1 YouTub

    Fun With Landon Story by Skeebohyatt - GayDemon


    "...... I rubbed his chest, his stomach.
    I leaned over to kiss his belly button,
     my tongue washed his abdomen.
    I looked at his face to see that he was still out cold.
     I untied his swim trunks and loosened them a bit.
     Still out.
    I reached inside to feel his cock.
     It was soft and flaccid. He had big balls,
     considering his small frame. Still out.
     I pulled down the drunks to reveal his beautiful body.
     I had just taken his trunks off and gotten him completely naked when he started to wake up.
    'Oh shit!' I thought to myself. What was he going to say?
    'What's going on, man?' he asked.
     He covered himself up with one of his hands and was looking for his trunks.
     'Where are we?' I had no words.
     I wanted him more than ever.
     To see him there naked,
    to have touched the more intimate parts of his body,
     this much teasing was just mean.
    I would have him tonight;
     if he remembered a little bit, so much the better......"

    Ringen Penzberg (Wagner, M.) - Nürnberg (Sausenthaler, N.) 57kg - HDVT 1 YouTube

    Monday, 19 August 2019

    Construction Stud Slave Story by Perseus - GayDemon

    "......He was blissfully unconscious.
     I turned on the video camera and joined him on the mattress.
     I felt him up, running my hands all over him,
    thrilling to know that, unconscious,
     he was completely helpless.
     Then I slowly removed his jeans and boxer shorts,
     leaving on only his work boots and socks
    It was time to get naked.
    I tore off my clothes and got back on top of him again.
     For a long time,
    I luxuriated in rubbing my body all over the naked,
     gorgeous boy toy,
    knowing that there was no intimacy he could deny me,
     loving the feel of his skin against my naked body,
    my rigid prick poking at his fuzzy blond groin......"

    The Forced Milking of Ryan Connolly, Part 10 By GuyzGoNakieFiorMe

    "Did you enjoy the film, Billy?" the mechanical voice in the darkness asked.
    "Fuck you faggot!" Billy defiantly returned.
    "Now, now Billy, it's homophobic statements like that
     which got you targeted for punishment in the first place,"
     the voice said with mock disappointment.
    "Dude, you're not shoving a dildo up my ass, for real!"
    "Fair enough, Billy. We'll acquiesce.
    You won't have to ride the fuck machine as long under one condition…"
    Now, with the threat of anal penetration removed, a grateful Billy gave in.
     "Sure, man! Anything. I swear!"
    "For the next hour or so, Billy, you'll be sucking cock."
    "I'll be… what??? What the fuck kind of bargain is that???"

    INTO THE FIRE by RC By hungrybear2 - DeviantArt

    "......Derek was headed home after an unsuccessful
     hunting trip to one of the nearby college towns.
     It wasn’t often that he returned home empty-handed.
    On most occasions there would’ve been a bound
     and gagged college boy in the bed of his pickup.
     The truck bed had a fiberglass tonneau cover
     and had been totally soundproofed.
     A frightened young man could make all the noise he wanted
     and no one would hear him.
     It was the perfect vehicle
    for one of the most prolific serial killers in the country......"

    Monday, 12 August 2019

    In the Van - Shirtless Beach Boys Get Attention story by. Damon - DeviantArt

    ".....A van pulled up, and they quickly carried off the
    buff young man and shoved him into the back of the van.
    Josh was not only surprised at his abduction, but puzzled to find
    five other young men also in the van, each chained or hand-cuffed to
    the van
    "You're a good one," the man leered at him, with
    a pat on Josh's hefty pecs.
    As the windowless van traveled, the burly captor selected the guy
    with huge pecs and pulled him to the center, securing him by his
    wrists to an overhead bar. Then he pulled up the tank top to reveal
    a magnificent build which was the envy of every stud in the
    van. "Time for some fun," the captor said with a sneer......."

    Shave and a Haircut, Two Bites story By Dylan James - DeviantArt

    "......"Blonde.  I like blonde-haired boys,"
    the barber said, almost as if talking to himself.
    " You won't have to worry about your girl
     hassling you because you are late!"
    "W-What do you think you're doing?" he demanded angrily.
     A sharp pain at the injection site
    and a growing feeling of disorientation made it impossible to get up.
      For extra insurance,
    Tony locked his right arm around his neck and restrained him in the chair. 
    "Just relax.  Don't fight it, buddy boy,"
    he said in a strange voice as he reached under the cape
     with his left hand and stroked Alex's chest through his university tee shirt.
    "D-Don't touch me like that, you fag,"
     Alex said, but without determination
    as the injection progressively overcame him despite his efforts to resist it.
    He unfastened the unconscious youth's belt and pants
     and worked them down his legs and over his feet.
      With a series of jerks, he tugged the tee shirt up
     and over his limp arms and then over his head. 
    "Very nice,"
    he observed as he stepped back to admire Alex's muscular body. 
    Tony inserted his index finger
     underneath the elastic of his customer's briefs
     and pulled them forward a few inches,
     releasing them abruptly so that they popped against his abdomen. 
    "You won't be needing those anymore,"
     he said to the uncomprehending young man
     who was now completely under the control of the powerful sedative......"

    Joshua Meets his Destiny Story By Dylan James - DeviantArt

    "......"No, I don't think so,"
    Chad said sternly as he abruptly pushed open his car door
     and made a lunge for Joshua,
    shoving his hand into the back of his pants
     and pulling him suddenly backward.
     "You're what I want and you're coming with me!"
    "W-What you gonna do with me?" Joshua wailed.
     "I ain't done nothing to deserve this."
    "Just being yourself is enough to merit what I have in mind, pretty boy,"
    he replied with a sly wink. "This is going to be lots of fun."
    "For you maybe," Joshua replied contemptuously.
     "I don't want no blow job. Not from a guy anyway."
    "Your penis looks good to me, boy,"
     Chad replied, "I saw it bulging in the store."
    With a sneer,
    the man reached over and fondled Joshua's groin and added,
     "Yep, feels good too.
     I'll be checking it out real good just a bit later......."

    Monday, 5 August 2019

    Kidnapping The Hitchhikers [Horror] Story By Dylan James and Kannibal1 - DeviantArt

    AREA51su AREA51su
    "Stanley, these guys are your new roommates.
     The blonde cutie is Kevin and the brunette is Denny."
     Turning to his partner, he added,"Tie them up quick!

    We haven't got time to strip them now!"
    Brady shoved first one boy

     and then the other into the back of the van.
     Picking up sections of rope,
     he tied each one in the same manner as their nude counterpart.
     In obedience to the leadership of Jake,
     he did not attempt to remove their clothing,
     although he grinned
     and explored each one's genitals

     through his pants while tying him up.
    "Take Stanley's gag out," Jake directed,
     "So he can get acquainted with his new pals.
     "And leave their dicks alone–for now,"

     he added with a fiendish laugh.
    When the nude boy did not immediately respond,

     Kevin urged,
     "You've got to tell us!
    There's no need to be embarrassed

    if those two bastards fucked you.
     He grabbed my cock

     while he was tying me up so I know that's part of it!"
    "Yeah, mine too," Denny agreed.
    "Which of your two has the bigger cock?"
    he asked with a grin as he licked his lips hungrily.
    Putting his left hand on Denny's chest,
     he pushed him slowly onto his back on the bed
     with his legs still touching the floor.
     Grasping the slider of his pants zipper,
     he began to pull it slowly downward to the stop.
     Thrusting his hand inside, he felt the boy's penis
    and testicles through his thin white briefs,
     smiling excitedly as he did so.
    "Feels like a nice one to me,"
    Brady said as he thrust his index finger
     and thumb through the fly and extracted the boy's penis.
     The manipulation resulted in a partial erection
     despite Denny's attempts to prevent it.
    "Now for a comparison,"

    he said as he moved to Kevin
     and repeated the action

    John Hot Guys - Tumblr

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